View Full Version : Community events and time trial greyed out.

30-10-2017, 22:05
Can somebody tell me why my community events and time trial events are greyed out? Been like this for ages now and I'm starting to think it could be linked to my online issues.


04-11-2017, 13:14
I would think its because you either are not connected to internet, not logged in or don't have a current Xbox LIVE membership

With PC1 i could do community events even though my Xbox live membership had expired(was only racing online that I couldn't do), but once I got PC2 I couldn't & had to renew my membership to participate in community events & TT's.

04-11-2017, 19:25
Connected to the internet with a wired connection
Signed in with my only profile on the console
Update my Xbox live gold membership in September for anotherr year.

Any other ideas? Multiplayer is selectable (although it doesn't work)

07-11-2017, 08:11
only other thing i can think is do a hard reset(press white power light for about 5secs until console powers down)

you are maybe doing this already, i do this every time i switch off as the game always runs better this way