View Full Version : Mercedes proving event - car undrivable due to glitch, really getting over this game

31-10-2017, 06:05
So i've given up on GT-3 and skipped through every race as no matter what setting i use my G920 rattles violently from side to side on straights.

Going through the rallycross championship and was offered to be a brand rep for mercedes, jumped into the proving ground and the first event is rallycross on Dirtfish, the track conditiosn say 'light cloud' however the track is covered in snow and as i'm guessing it's given me normal tyres, car is undrivable, at 30km/h with no brake of throttle the steering doesn't respond at all, car won't get traction at 1/4 throttle and brakes are non existant, rest of the field lapped me before i got to the 2nd corner.

Is this game actually being fixed?!? was it even tested?! i'm having to bail on full championships due to glitches only to find more glitches, i feel like i paid top dollar for a half finished game and i have to figure out for myself which parts are finished,

SMS are you going to fix this bloody thing or are we able to get refunds? i'm really wanting to love this game but i'm running out of reasons to like it...

If a Dev could actually respond to these posts that would be great, and if there is an option for a refund on a digital copy i'm happy to take it at this point.

31-10-2017, 14:06
Have you tried sorting out the G920? I.E. Updating to latest firmware, making sure your FFB settings are not excessive? Remember, the FFB settings are there for all wheel users, not just you and other wheels are probably more suited to higher settings.

None of these problems are the games fault as it stands.

I've been playing rally cross with the G920 and it doesn't half shake and batter the wheel sometimes, but then I thought, hang on, it's rally cross, of course it's going to happen.

You can't throw crap at SMS with moans and gripe if you aren't prepared to sort out your peripheral as well.

This is how it is with complex setups, yes even an XBOX + G920 is a complex setup, and that's why forums exist so that we can find answers and, yes, usually there are answers.

99.9% of us with your setup are now playing happily having made adjustments and overcome problems.

If you aren't happy then it points to things you have not checked or done.

Just my 2p.

31-10-2017, 20:43
Absolutely, i've been through a bunch of different setups as recommended by this forum and facebook posts,. See the problem is you say it's not the game but it 100% is, on the GT3 series, one track it's perfect no shake, no issues, it handles exactly like it should, next track driving down the straight it shakes violently (see this video link, you'll have to take the spaces out of the start of the address as i'm new on this forum and i can't post links) h t t p s : //youtu.be/TCf0hkjlPc4

Trust me bud i want this game to work, i'm not searching for problems, when it does work ti's fantastic! the renault cup, the steering worked perfectly, the renault 01 RWD cup, worked fantastic! and all the rallycross have been great, however GT3, on most tracks it's undrivable, yet it's completely random, and we are talking same weather conditions as well.
I used this same setup for PC1, not a single issue with steering or force feedback in the entire game, same with forza5 and 6, so how can you say it's not an issue with the game when the wheel only works properly now and again, are you saying it was sms design that you should have to completely change and turn off your force feedback settings for one track and then change them all again for the next track in the same car?

As for the glitch with the Mercedes proving, that's not an issue with the game? the car isn't adjustable you can't change tyres, yet it spawns you on a snow covered track with basically slicks, if you don't believe it's a glitch i'm happy to do a vid of it to show you.

As i said i really want this game to work, i'm not some troll winging about the game for the sake of it, i'm a big fan of project cars 1 and i was so excited for this second game but i'm struggling to get it to work, rallycross worked and i had great fun with that, i've now finished all the rounds and it was fantastic! all i want is these issues fixed so i can continue to play the game, is that too much to ask?