View Full Version : Time Trial now freezes whenever I attempt to exit out of the Time Trial session

31-10-2017, 11:17
It started yesterday afternoon EST time, I beat someone's record with a group C car so I go to the pause menu and exit, it asks if I want to quit and save I choose yes and then the background screen becomes black and the pause menu remains and nothing happens and none of my controller inputs do anything. Before yesterday I never had this issue and I've had the game for several days by then. Also I noticed that if I enter a Time Trial session I can not quit back to the menu, whenever I hit the exit button it does nothing, I can only start the session or tune my car or watch the ghost I loaded. Also since yesterday sometimes when I enter a Time Trial session it gives me a No Server Found error.

If it's any help I'm on a PS4 Pro and I have the digital version of the game.

31-10-2017, 14:05
I found a work around. I looked at my save files and I noticed that the game was saving two copies of every ghost I made, so I had well over 600mb of ghost data. I backed them up and deleted them all and now not only does the main menu load almost immediately (before it was taking several minutes to load) I can now enjoy Time Trial again!!