View Full Version : Is it over yet? Qualifying session thinks its complete too early

02-11-2017, 07:14
I joined this session, where the qualifying had ended, but there was over 13 minutes left..
The counter at the bottom also had a value that was too large to fit in the box. Session seemed to proceed as normal though, and people could enter and leave pits as they wanted. Pretty sure this was one of those that crashed once qualifying was over though..


02-11-2017, 07:21
I think it has somethign to do with people clicking join when server in qually.. whilst there game is loading, timer ticks over to 0 remaining - They have then joined, but game doesnt register for them that qually is over, so they can drive out and do laps.

Everyone who was on server is stuck in pits, waiting for server to tick over and go to race, however as peeps joined and broke it, it never happens.

Just my theory from some experiences.


02-11-2017, 12:22
I've had it happen in a race. Lap 2, chasing the leader after he wrecked me in turn 1, cross the line. race over. It said he did 6 laps and everyone else did 2...