View Full Version : Very unusual lighting/conditions.

02-11-2017, 23:29
The second round of the German GT3 Championship takes place at Nurburgring, starting late in the evening and transitioning in to night time. Everything's normal for the first lap or so. Around halfway through lap 2 or 3 (will vary depending on your race length setting), some light rain came in, and along with it a very bizarre change in the sky - the night sky rapidly changed in to a weird, pale blue that I've never seen before.

Here's a video and some screenshots:


Skip to around 40 seconds in the video and you will see the strange lighting fade away, returning to the night time sky it should have been. This phenomenon only stayed around for as long as the rain did, leading me to believe that it's linked to the Light Rain condition, or something with weather transitions in general.

Won't lie, it was pretty neat, but I don't think it's supposed to be that bright at ~20:00, nor that color. :p