View Full Version : Looking to Csw for Xbox one x

04-11-2017, 23:20
Will the fanatec club sport wheel v2 and v3 pedals work on with Xbox one and pcars 2?
Trawled the pages found my answer on the wheel. Do the rumble pedals work on Xbox?

06-11-2017, 18:56
Anything that works on xbox one will work on Xbox one X.

06-11-2017, 18:58
Works, MS did not go the Sony road and "banned" the V2/V2.5 base. You need a specific rim though. P1 or XB1 hub.

mossback rossi
09-11-2017, 18:55
I run V.2 and V3 wheel\pedals\E-brake\Shifter. No issues, love it.