View Full Version : Setups to be kinder on tyres

05-11-2017, 05:09
Been thinking the long game lately regarding setups and trying to tune more towards consistency over long runs rather than being quicker initially but losing the tyres quite a lot near the end of longer runs.

From what I have been reading and what some testing has shown (in LMP cars), a stiffer rear spring and soft rear bar appears better for tyre life than a soft rear spring and stiff bar because it allows more compliance when throttle is applied while the car is still in roll (since roll stiffness tends to be lower with this setup). This seems more important for circuits with more medium to high speed corners than one with lots of slow corners since the car is usually straightened prior to throttle application. Seems the front end isn't so important regarding the spring/ARB decision and is more about balancing the rear end to avoid any sliding and I've not really noticed much difference in lap time switching up the front, it seems to be more about whether one prefers a sharper steering response or not and how the car acts under braking.

Anyone else done any testing or have experience with this? Thoughts?

Wayne Kerr
05-11-2017, 15:52
i don't race the p1. but for the p2, in a league with accelerated tire wear but normal fuel burn, the wear rate hasn't been something for me to worry about to change my setup philosophy in races ranging from 90 to 140 minutes.

as for small springs + big bar vs big springs, small bar, all i can say is it depends.