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07-11-2017, 09:39
Is the going to be a setup data base like this for PCars 2?

11-11-2017, 18:52
Hope so I'm hopeless at Tuning

Roger Prynne
11-11-2017, 18:57
No probably not, due to real life commitments.

11-11-2017, 19:02
No probably not, due to real life commitments.

But, This is real life.....

11-11-2017, 19:44
Keep hoping one gets put up soon. Came in very handy for Pcars1.
As it stands now it's otherwise very hard to find setups for Pcars2.

Roger Prynne
11-11-2017, 21:06
Like I said very unlikely.

12-11-2017, 04:23
Hope so I'm hopeless at Tuning

I'm with you man. I did OK in Pcars 1, but I am having a difficult time being effective at the tuning in Pcars 2. I just don't have a good enough grounding in it. I keep reading, but for some reason I am not retaining it. It's one thing to read it and another to understand why the settings change what they do. I'm just not that mechanically inclined, and I suspect my tuning efforts are little better than trial an error. Love the game though, so I'll keep trying though.

12-11-2017, 09:25
Too much maths for me. I usually search for a tune done by a better mathematician and roll with that. Maybe just a few tweaks here and there that's all...adjust fuel, change tyres to suit, radiator opening. Good to go.
Other than that...Race Engineer is my friend.

12-11-2017, 16:57
The fact that those who made that website probably won't do another for pc2 doesn't mean someone else can't.
Like 3rd party apps.

23-11-2017, 08:33
Maybe we could start a sticky thread

23-11-2017, 10:20
Just go to time trials and get someone's setup.

23-11-2017, 15:20
The comparing 2 setups was great - you can see what people have changed and make a mental note of how that impacts the performance/handling.

25-11-2017, 22:05
Anybody care to post some.gt3 class setups
Not sure if the the R8 or the 911 is my weapon of choice

Or something else