View Full Version : Bug, feature or known thing? TC, SC, ABS

10-11-2017, 16:44
Sorry in advance if this is a known thing but...

In single player I have assists set to realistic. That’s where I always want them. However, I’m also bad at remembering which car has what. I’ve got three buttons on my button box - one mapped to TC, one mapped to SC, and one mapped to ABS. Because I am amazingly lazy, I have not labeled these. I *assumed* that if I hit all three, using “realistic” settings that only the ones applicable to that car would actually come on... but last night driving LMP1, I discovered if I hit the SC or ABS button (neither of them should work on LMP1) they’d come on. Further more, if I paused and went to the options menu, full assists were now on. Is that the way that is supposed to work? Shouldn’t the option menu override turning on an individual real-world based assist in the game?

10-11-2017, 17:33

10-11-2017, 18:11
Ahhhh ok. At first I thought that was a different issue but it seems like it’s all one big issue. Thanks.