View Full Version : Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 @ Nordschleife.

10-11-2017, 18:30
I love this car. I have put over 12 hours into driving it alone. I have created my own setup from scratch for it to use on Nordschleife. With my setup my best time (so far) is a 7:33 and some change, which is enough for 4th on the leaderboard and a respectable time IRL. I know with my skill I could easily drop 5-10 seconds off that time before tweaking my setup just by hitting everything the best I can. I think with some setup work I can do even better.

The biggest issue I am having is this car gets really excited and twitchy at high speeds. I am losing a lot of time by having to make corrections and throttle feathering because this thing wants to get crazy at high speeds any time there is anything close to a bump. Coming off the final long straight at Nordschleife is one of the scariest experiences in the game because of this. In Time Trial my tire pressure is around 32-33psi all the way around and they feel good. I do have some minor understeer on the exit of corners, but I kind of like it that way. I just really want to eliminate or limit the high speed craziness just a tad without destroying the way the car handles now with my setup. I tried Speedfreakz setup (#1 time) and while it's fast, it's a little too loose for me. I'd like to build on what I have.

I'm sure something can be done with the gearing as well. Sometimes the acceleration feels a little sluggish, but gearing is like voodoo magic to me so I haven't touched them.

Here is the setup below. If anyone wants me to share it with them in game reply here and Ill shoot it on over to you. For some reason I do not have a ghost in TT, so grabbing my setup that way is not possible.






12-11-2017, 11:49
Have you tried negative rear toe angle ? It's always positive on most of the cars, which is only good "if you build a drift car or something" (- SAFEisFAST)

12-11-2017, 16:07
No I have not. Outside of tire pressure, anti-roll bars, ride height, spring rate and brake settings I haven't touched anything else because I am very new to tuning cars. I would like to delve into stuff like camber and dampers at some point, because Im sure those would help a bit with my issues. That being said I have tuned the setup a little more since I made this post and was able to drop a 7:31. Still losing time, especially in sector 3 because the car is so happy on the really fast sections. Do you have any suggestions on what I should try with the toe angle?

18-11-2017, 00:00
Have you tried negative rear toe angle ? It's always positive on most of the cars, which is only good "if you build a drift car or something" (- SAFEisFAST)

I think this game's notation is kinda funny, if I understand the explanation correctly, positive numbers point the tires in.