View Full Version : PS4 Controller Settings

11-11-2017, 05:17
i have the steering deadzone and sensitivity both set to 0 and find formula rookie extremely driveable with the pad and wet tires. what settings do you guys recommend for the DS4?

11-11-2017, 07:14
Here are the settings I use

Steering deadzone 6 (controller is a bit beat up which is why it's not 0)
Steering sensitivity 48
Throttle deadzone 0
Throttle sensitivity 10
Brake deadzone 0
Brake sensitivity 10
Clutch deadzone 0
Clutch sensitivity 10 (obviously these 2 don't matter with auto clutch)
Speed sensitivity 95
Damper saturation 100
Controller damping 79
Controller vibration 100
Minimum shift time 0
RPM/Gear display yes (not that it matters with a controller)