View Full Version : Quality improvements needed

Markus Ott
11-11-2017, 17:05
The topic is very vague because watching a stream of the AOR League reminded me of problems of pCARS that has various sources and I want to talk about them.

Firstly the quality of broadcasts of pCARS races suffers from very laggy car movements. It was already a problem in the first pCARS and continues to be one in the second. I am not talking about graphics quality or fps drops, I talk about the cars position seem to get updated just a few times per second, which make the car move very unsmooth, and as a result also the camera following them seems to be very dodgy, as it tries to keep the car in focus. Moreover where the car is heading visually isn't quite where the car actually is driving to which makes the car seem to hover. Obviously a netcode problem that is ping dependend, but for a featured online league and stream I would expect better results.
Why I think this must be a top priority to be looked at? Broadcasts is where you catch the attention of people undecided what to think about pCARS or a not familiar with racing as such. It's not easy to convince someone how awesome the driving is when they see cars hovering around with perceived 5 fps. As I also already said on discord when discussing that I wasn't able to watch the stream longer than 5 minutes, it stressed my eyes watching the dodgy cars. For pCARS3 you should work out a solution, SMS!

The second problem that I was reminded of when watching the stream is something that was a big problem in pCARS1 and a lesser one in pCARS2 as it improved, yet a still present one. It is how much the bodies of the cars move with weight shifts. When I first tried pCARS2 it was with the Audi GT3 and I recognized something is strange through some corners, the driving behaviour was changing and the car was jumping up and down as if there was no damping. After I watched replays I realized the rear of the car was tilting so much that it lifted the inner front wheel, as if the car was sprung and damped like a road car or maybe Porsche Cup car. I tried to counter the problem with stiffer springs, stiffer ARB and more damping but still you can't quite get rid off the problem, as well as making the car as one would expect very twitchy. Right now I am watching the real COTA 24h race, watching cars taking T9, one of the problematic corners where I experienced the problem. In reality race cars are stiff. In pCARS the body movements happening with weight shifts seem to be over the top and with it affecting driving behaviour. I can't tell you where the problem with this is, the physics guys should have a look at that for pCARS3.

If both issues get solved pCARS will make another move to not only feel but also look realistic.