View Full Version : Credit where credit is due to Ian and his team (X1X)

12-11-2017, 15:30
So today I bit the bullet and bought an X. After what seemed like hours of update (not just for this game) I thought I would sit and give it some time. I've seen some mixed things on here and I didn't know what to expect but for anyone considering the jump if you have a 4k TV i'd do it.

I notice that there is a huge difference in frame rate. The game feels frantic and it feels fast now. You are having to really concentrate with the wheel. I'm not sure if its a placebo thing on my part but the cars seem easier to catch too. I don't know if its just because the game is more fluid but I've found I'm driving faster and harder.

The barn on silverstone classic doesn't just pop up out of nowhere now (had you noticed xbox users) and the spray, lighting, HDR etc all just looks great.

I've had a few whinges on here when I first bought game but Ian - Hats off to you this 1400 game is now worth it :cool: