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12-11-2017, 16:59
I already searched the forum but didn't find this issue. If it should exist somewhere, then please excuse me.
As we already know there are lots of issues with the tires. My biggest issue so far, was that i was faster with wets than slicks in Formula Rookie and also sometimes in Formula C.
Now I am in Formula A and the tire issue seems to be solved here. But a few minutes ago I noticed something weird with the wets and AI behaviour in the rain.

I was driving a race on Spielberg which started with sunshine and complete dry. We all were driving with Slicks. Then in the last round it started to rain quite much.
For me the car was completly undrivable then, and the AI just dominated me. I retried the race and started with wets from the beginning, so I don't have to pit.

Despite me having wets, I managed to get first and until the fourth round I had 3 seconds advantage. It started to rain again but despite the wets it was undrivable for me again.
The AI, having slicks, was way faster than me in the wets. In this fourth and last round I lost my 3 seconds and barely managed to get on place 4!

I am a rookie still, so I have no clue if I am just so bad at driving or this is some kind of bug. Maybe someone can shed some light on this?

Roger Prynne
12-11-2017, 17:06
Yeah this is being worked on.

12-11-2017, 17:25
Ok thats great! Also I want to say that this game is really great and despite these bugs it makes me constantly smile!
This is just a wonderful piece of a racing sim. Keep on the good work! :eagerness:

13-11-2017, 02:03
Just raced in Spielberg too... LMP2 mixed to some GTE cars.

First aberration: GTE lap times are equal to LMP2 and they're mixed in the time table. Really?

Second: rain started, track gets wet and I come to pits to change tyres. Since I'm on wets I simply can't throttle out of the corners while GTEs and LMP2 pass me everywhere as the track was dry. It's like wet tyres are worse than regular slick tyres.

I guess it the worse simulation experience I ever had. All those visuals, perfect headlights effects, track well modeled and what all of those are for if the very basics elements in a simulation are completely messed out?

Sometimes I'm allowed to suppose some software are published with zero testing. A real shame.