View Full Version : Aston Martin DBR1/300 setup help.

12-11-2017, 17:05
This is the car I want to be my go to car in this game, and have played most of my limited time with it. Brands GP is my new go-to circuit, so am looking for pointers to get a little more time from my laps. But more importantly, to be more consistent with my times...

Any pointers in getting a more predictable, settled car would be great. All I have done is lowered the rear tyre pressures a notch. I just want a car that isn't on a knife edge when it comes to powering on, on corner exit.

John Hargreaves
12-11-2017, 21:49
I found a little bit of toe out on the front end helps it go round the corners better, but I think the default setup is pretty good actually, you just have to drive it like the fifties. It's a lovely car though the more you drive it the more you will love it.

13-11-2017, 09:05
I will give that a try John, thanks!

Wasn't sure if i should soften it up a touch to put a bit more flex in it.

Trial and error I guess!

John Hargreaves
13-11-2017, 15:16
I think it's one of those cars that uses weight transfer to steer as much as the wheel. More modern cars go pretty much where you point them, but what I love about these old ones is that you have to fling it in and pivot around the front end, almost like a rally car, then balance the power as you go through the turn. In PC2 you can certainly feel where the weight is going and really interact between the tyre and the surface, and it changes every second. Plus it is one stunningly beautiful car, which helps. It just needs some friends to play with.

16-11-2017, 20:33
It just needs some friends to play with.

Like a 250 TR?! lol

Its really my fave car, with the Lotus 40 and GT40 Mk.IV joint second at the mo......