View Full Version : Best option for telemetry export (CSV/Excel)

13-11-2017, 21:56
Hi there,

It appears there's a number of PC1 apps that make statements about "telemetry", but I'm looking specifically for the ability to export all of the telemetry data for a session (speed, lat/long accel, etc) to CSV/Excel.

Any thoughts on what the "best" option is for this?


14-11-2017, 15:53
I know pCars dash has the ability to export to CSV/Excel although it is possible to get the UDP data direct into excel but thats a bit beyond me, I did read somewhere that someone managed it but wouldn't know where without a search of the forum.

16-11-2017, 00:47
Unfortunately pCars Dash doesn't even seem to offer a trial, and I'm not about to shell out $6 on a maybe :)

16-11-2017, 12:38
So, after much poking around:

pCars Dash: non-free, couldn't try
RS Dash: non-free, couldn't try
pCars Profiler: export, but not to CSV
vrHive: export, but not to CSV
pCARS Telemetry: export to CSV, but not all recorded telemetry fields

However, I don't really NEED all the fields right now, so pCARS Telemetry is the winner at least currently.