View Full Version : Project Cars 2 bugs

14-11-2017, 16:37
I'd like to report a few graphical glitches on Project Cars 2, and a glitch with the AI they simply cannot go past T1 they are crashing and its ridiculous please fix these bugs I'm on the PS4 version of the game. Some of the graphical glitches have to do with shadows not being rendered correctly and some dust not being rendered correctly. Hope Slightly Mad can bring out more updates to fix these glitches

Siberian Tiger
14-11-2017, 16:46
T1 Crashes of AI will be much Improved in the Patch 3.0

Regarding the Graphical Glitches... Without any Pics or a more detailed description when this happens, there is nothing that SMS can do.
Please provide Screens or detailed Descriptions what you mean. Thanks...