View Full Version : Ferrari 458 GT3 ABS & TC in real life?

Olijke Poffer
15-11-2017, 06:33
Hi all,

Does the Ferrari 458 GT3 has ABS & TC in real life? I just want to know as it is a question here and I don't want to say things which are not the case. :o

15-11-2017, 06:39
Yes it does. But why are you asking about the 458 GT3? we only have the 488 GT3 ingame. ;)

Olijke Poffer
15-11-2017, 06:48
Haha.. Because it is in GTs. But I could not find the correct info on this. And I know here on the Pcars forum there are a whole lot of great guys willing to help. That is why I love this forum and Pcars..
I have to use GTs because I really love to race in VR but on the PSVR we do not have Pcars in VR. Saving money for a PC-rig ATM. :-)

EDIT: Thanks by the way. :cool: