View Full Version : Leagues and online play newbie question

16-11-2017, 09:27
Hey guys,

I haven't played multiplayer yet because of the wrecker threat. I like to class myself as a fair racer who gives room for people if they have a realistic chance of passing, and I'm averagely quick once I've got a feel for the car.

With this in mind is it worth joining something like a starter league and if so, are there any out there that race stuff like the Clio, formula rookie, etc?

Post patch is when I'll start looking at this more but no harm getting the info now. :)

Have a good day all.

16-11-2017, 09:57
I for one have not done 1 min. of Pcars 2 offline.
I joined a group a few years ago and we do leagues, endurance events, casual short races and cross over events with other groups.
That essentially means that i do not have to race in public lobbies but can stick with our group and atm we race practically every day.
Nice and clean and events that suits every member.

mister dog
17-11-2017, 16:55
PM'd you ;)