View Full Version : Wellington Straight Extremely Slick In Rain?

16-11-2017, 23:59
I just picked up Pcars2 and am working my way through career. I was driving the GT5 Ginetta G40 at Silverstone National and it was raining. After a few laps puddles started forming on the Wellington Straight and it essentially became undrivable due to constant "aquaplaning" I assume. Everywhere else on the course I was fine and could deal with the occasional puddle but on the straight it was just undrivable and would not stay straight even though the AI zipped on by. I was on the all-weather tire. Is it maybe my ride height is too low? I think it was set at 70mm. It seems unlikely to me that a heavy GT car would float like a flat bottom formula car though...

Anyone else have issues with this? Sorry if it has been mentioned before, new to the forums here!


17-11-2017, 00:12
Yes I've had similar issues driving the formula Renault at Silverstone GP. The AI aren't bothered by the puddles while I was aquaplaning and losing seconds per lap.

On other tracks heavy rain seems fairly balanced but I really suffered at Silverstone.

Alan Dallas
17-11-2017, 00:22
I believe that's a known issue for Silverstone. Seen it mentioned elsewhere they were looking into it. Being that I have yet to visit Silverstone in PC2 I have yet to notice excessive aquaplaning at other tracks.

17-11-2017, 18:33
Yeah it's been talked about here before, one of my 1st posts infact. I've decided it's not worth reporting problems now until the patch arrives. Oh the patch, waiiiiiiiiting for the patch, patch patch paaaaaatch (Insert your own melody and rhythm).