View Full Version : Setup for Daytona in Ford Fusion.

19-11-2017, 14:09
Just like the title I am looking for a good setup for this car. I've looked everywhere and I cannot find anything except one tune on this forum. I've tried it and can hit 46.732 just messing around. But when I go to race the AI no matter what I do with the setup, ether it be raising the tire pressure to max or messing with the gearing the ai pass me like nothing and I can't even catch their draft. Now I would like to think I am no stranger when it comes to Daytona. I would play it all the time in IRacing gta 5 and mods on a few other sims for years. I get my speed up and when I do that I hold the bottom line to make a fast run, but the AI must have an "illegal tune" or more power lmao jk. Seriously I don't know what I am doing wrong.. Any help I would greatly appreciate it. I love racing Daytona and haven't found any online races with it so I am stuck with AI for now.. :wink-new:

Eric Rowland
19-11-2017, 15:22
I know it's Texas but maybe it'll get you in the ballpark...


19-11-2017, 15:33
I'll have to try it. I have a little trouble on that track. Although I was never good at it on any sim. lol

19-11-2017, 19:35
Why not get one off the TT's?