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20-11-2017, 16:21
I am using a dedicated server with game controls setup. I am the host when I change car class, the other players in the lobby can not change to new car class. Their car selection is still stuck on the original class when the room started. If they quit the game and restart it will update. I have the server set to same car class but when I change cars it changes everybody in the lobby to the identical car I chose as the host. It seems the server does not update the settings for everybody. I do not know if this has already been reported as a know issue. I didn't see it when I searched the forum-sorry if I missed it.

20-11-2017, 16:33
After changing cars, pick another track and then change the track back to the one you wanna play.
You could also change cars before changing track.

20-11-2017, 16:41
Yep, known issue. As stated above, if you get the car selection bug, pick a different track and then change it back. Users will then be able to select their car. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next patch.

Stu ST200
05-04-2018, 17:16
I know this thread is a pretty old one but does anyone know if this issue has been resolved yet..?

I have been doing a lot of public lobby racing over the last week or so and when I find myself the host of the lobby due to the original person who started it having left, there we go again, all players end up with my car selection.

It is so frustrating that something as simple as this still doesn't appear to be working correctly, can anyone else confirm that this problem still exists or is it just me, am I missing something..?