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20-11-2017, 21:19
I'm actually experimenting with differential settings of several cars and car types. for the moment I found my preferable settings for GT cars and some other types on locking power at around 50 % (45 deg angle) and coast at around 70% (35 deg angle) which is quite stable and fine for me for the moment with 6 clutches. I also use the differential calculator from Jussi which is a great help. Nevertheless I ask me what typical diff settings and recommendations for several car types in real are. that's why I would like to open a thread here with some recommendations for finding a good base as starting point of following cars:

it would be great to get the ramp angle information in degrees for power, coast and also the preload for :

non Aero Formula cars ( Formula Rookie)
Formula cars (Formula 1, Formula Renault etc.)
LMP1 class
LMP2 class
LMP3 class
GTE class
GT1 class
GT3 class
Groupe A
Groupe C
Touring Cars FWD
Touring Cars RWD
Touring Cars AWD
Road Cars FWD
Road Cars RWD
Road Cars AWD

Would be great to get some inputs from the community and maybe also from the developers.

I'm looking forward hearing from you and I guess I'm not the only one here with such questionmarks :-).

kind regards

21-11-2017, 13:40

Keen on some pro tips.

Where’s Mr Kerr and Mahjik when you need them ;)

Olijke Poffer
21-11-2017, 14:03
I'm in too...

21-11-2017, 17:44
I'm in too!

I normally lower Viscous to 300 and preload a bit. I find it helps to turn the car off throttle