View Full Version : Community events for pcars2

21-11-2017, 21:26
How come I cannot see any current events in the community events section. I can see the upcoming events and completed events.

21-11-2017, 23:22
Does anyone have any info regarding this issue? I know I'm not the only person with it.

21-11-2017, 23:40
maybe for some reasons there are no custom events this week ?
could that be a hint for the realease of patch 1.3?
If there would be big changes in tyre physics and others , it would make no sense to have events that are spanned over "before" and "after" patch.

21-11-2017, 23:52
There is an event on this week at Texas motor speedway. Some of my friends are competing on it that is why I am concerned.

22-11-2017, 08:55
This is still not working. What is going on???

22-11-2017, 08:57
I had the same issue yesterday night. Today I haven't checked yet, because I'm working...

22-11-2017, 09:04
Has not been working for me for a few days now. I thought it was only me but a few people I am talking too are having the same issue. I thought maybe its because I am in Australia. All of my friends in US have current community events at the moment.