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22-11-2017, 21:58
example my last race ;

I started a 1299 points (jay!) , qualified 7 th , made it to 5 true crashes of others , 6th of 8 rounds i noticed that my fuel setting wasn't updated before the race AGAIN!! (such an anoying bug!!) ,so i had to pit in , lost 3 places thx PC2!!
Then in the last lap, i get booted from the race by the host for ....doing nothing wrong and end up in the lobby with 1264 points! .......

yup ,superb multiplayer experience!!!!.

btw fix the mirror pls , oh, and i lost my E safety rating a couple of days ago because i demonstrated PC2 on my brothers computer a couple of days ago (he has VR) ,so i startup the game on my own PC again and tada ...back to U again ??????. really?!!.

sorry, but atm PC2 multiplayer is just a frustrating experience!!!.

22-11-2017, 22:03
Cool story Bro

22-11-2017, 22:45
The setup update is *maybe* going to be fixed, for now what you need to do is to save your tuning on a new setup to be sure it saves.

Oh, and, if you load your race tuning while still in qualifyings, it won't load in the race screen. You have to click on the tuning option and you will see your fuel gauge update itself (meaning it's loaded correctly).

Yeah, apart from that, don't bother the people thinking the game is perfect. They'll tell you're wrong coming here only to whine. No one said "Oh yeah I'm wrong totally dude I apologize" ever.

23-11-2017, 01:55
How did the host boot you from the lobby during the race? The monster hit on rating for disco's should be fixed soon.

While yes, the "save overwriting" button is borked atm (pretty well known work around btw - save to new slot) it should be common practice to check tune and fuel before entering a race in every racing sim.

"Back to U" after your brother played or what not sounds like the rating not refreshing immediately after boot up - enter a lobby/race, back to main menu and it should be back to normal afterward.

*Don't think anyone on the forum thinks the games perfect but coming here whining like a 5 year old does warrant a "Cool story bro".

23-11-2017, 02:40
MP is surly not broken for a lot of us ..The way it works right now ..what ever set you load at the beginning of a stint will not refresh just because you hit esc and go back to pits ..(like some other games) it keeps its state until you either 1. reload the set via the set up tab or 2. make a pit stop & add more fuel & tires ..

If you simply think it will auto reload it wont .. In our league as a rule we make sure to always reload your set ups after Q if you don't it will be in what ever state it was in when you last drove it (like your real car would be) if you did 10 laps your tires will have 10 laps of ware and you will have 10 laps less fuel unless you reload your set ..

2 MP rues for no drama with sets/bug with current build . ..

1. always create a new set up / overwriting is bugged ..
2. always refresh your set in-between sessions / realistic feature more than bug ...

Set the v-mirror up in all the huds then only save it when in the "LIGHT" hud .. known issue ..totally workable using this 1st day fix ..

& as far as I can tell (tried as admin many times) you cant boot anyone without leaving the race session yourself .. so you most likely had a disconnection

23-11-2017, 02:52
I propose after the new Patch, a refund up to the initial default values to all who are below it. I think it would be fair. It's Christmas time :rolleyes:

23-11-2017, 03:22
See threads:



No need for another one. Taking the time to search and read these threads you will find that many of the issues you are complaining about are known and should hopefully be addressed in the next patch.

23-11-2017, 03:30
I propose after the new Patch, a refund up to the initial default values to all who are below it. I think it would be fair. It's Christmas time :rolleyes:

And then we'll here a metric crap-ton of whining from those who've actually progressed past 1500, and they'll be justified.

I'm currently at around 1150 or so due to numerous game crashes and disconnects, but also because I pick online races that I end up sucking in. The points lost to discos will even out with everyone else (and I hope they can get traced to a cause SMS can fix) but I have only myself to blame for losing the remainder of those points, and I don't know if I can get them gifted back in clear conscience...

23-11-2017, 03:37
it should be common practice to check tune and fuel before entering a race in every racing sim.

At least any other game will actually tell you how long a race will be while in a server, PC2 doesnt think this is important enough info. Also no other game needs you to save or load setups between sessions and will just use what you had loaded in the last session unless you changed it.

Then again no other game forces you to need to save this minor fuel change and even if they did it wouldnt need you to do some silly workaround to hope that setup save actually stuck. This assuming you remembered how long the race is when you joined the server as the first time you get to see race distance in lobby is just after you confirmed your ready to race and can no longer make any adjustments prior to the race. :confused:

All this was signed off by the large community made sim pre release as good to go lol.