View Full Version : Option/Request/Suggestion: Invite Friends only that are "License Legal"

22-11-2017, 22:56
Hi all
Situation is this: I set up a Lobby, D+ only - we are doing our quali and all. Somebody desides to invite some more friends. And suddenly there are U ranked Drivers "everywhere". Despite the fact i set the lobby to D+.

I know the fact that anybody that got invited can join even a higher ranked lobby.

suggestion: only the one that created the lobby should be allowed to invite "illegal friends".
suggestion 2: or there could be an option in the event setup screen / roules to "allow/not allow" such invitings...


reason for me asking: few times got hit by such friends of friends of friends - even in so called "safe lobbies":..

27-11-2017, 08:30
fully agree, hopes get fixed in next patch