View Full Version : Porsche 991 GT3 R vs 24h

23-11-2017, 19:32
Hey everyone,
we are about to run a Porsche league and since we have a full field we wanted to use both Porsches in the GT3 category.
They are bot the same if you look at the stats from the car selection screen and share the same body. So one of our drivers tried out both and the lap time difference was almost half a second. Are both cars really the same or is there a difference that the game doesn't tell us?

23-11-2017, 19:37
There are definitely differences in real life. Tire selection, slight motor detune, coolsuits ice block chest, more lighting, bigger radiators, etc. lots of little things, but these aren’t specific to this car... did SMS model 24h modifications? And if so, to your question, what are they?

23-11-2017, 19:40
In real life, as far as I know, the only difference in the two cars is the lights, the 24H version has more. There shouldn't be performance differences in the two cars as they're both under the same FIA homologation, so they should be indentical. The half a second difference is probably down to the driver. How many laps were done in each car?

23-11-2017, 20:29
The only difference in game between the standard cars and the 24h versions are the liveries and yellow headlights/additional driving lights. This was a request from VAG during development.