View Full Version : AI players in MP game with PC Logo ?

24-11-2017, 21:04
I've been in a mp game (PC2) twice where most players had a Project Cars logo. In the ranking list after qualifying no driver license rating was shown for these players.
In the race they drove like AI, I'm certain they were AI. The game had also some strange glitches, 4 of these drivers disappeared before me at exactly the same moment.
And many drivers who joined the qualifying session left immediately after the joined.

Is it possible to be in a MP game with AI ?

25-11-2017, 05:26
Yes, those cars are AI.

The host can choose the grid size, and can also choose to fill any empty grid slots with AI. The aggression and skill can also be set, just like career mode.

The AI behave pretty much the same as career mode. Sometimes they're ok, sometimes not. They especially love to fight real hard for the first corner during qualifying - even when you're on a hot lap and they're simply coming out of the pits. :D