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26-11-2017, 07:00
PC2 Gamers,

I am really impressed with the realism and complexity of PC2! Thanks for making a great product!!!

I bought the game for 1 reason and 1 reason only: Indy. I started my love of sim racing with the 1989 Indy 500 game and have waited a long time for this. I am having three problems (but would also appreciate any help at all to get to 38.5 secs and have a spirited race with AI).

Problem 1 - every youtube video and discussion has the 5th and 6th gears in the 1.2 to 1.1 range. My (PS4) sets the minimum gear ratio at 1.603

Problem 2 - I did tons of research and got to 40.5 seconds, but now my right tire smokes and I lose a bit of the backend.

Problem 3 - the iterative process. I pit, make a change, then have to drive 4 laps to get "hot" to see if my changes did anything positive. Is there a quicker way to look at race data or simulate so that you can make changes quicker?

Got two young kids and a bride. I would love to spend hours and hours at this, but it just isn't feasible. Any wisdom or insight is appreciated! Thanks.


26-11-2017, 10:16
In Time Trials (online thingy), your tires are pre-heated and you start in the last section. It's the best way to make hotlaps.

You can also download the ghosts of the top laptimes and even their setup, to see the difference between yours and theirs, and why it seems to be the best.

30-11-2017, 15:06
Anyone else experiencing engine damage issues with the indycar?

I'm getting a point of engine damage every 6 laps on ovals and every 3 laps on road circuits. Both with the default loose and stable setups. I've tried reducing engine boost to 80% but that doesn't seem to help, just makes me slower compared to the AI. Engine temps are around 200F-210F.