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27-11-2017, 02:52
Hi everyone, I experienced an issue with the grip of my car between qualifying and race. I did both sessions with the same setup and nearly the same weather conditions (dry, quali at 8 pm and race at 10 pm). Whereas during the qualifying my car had good grip, in the race it was impossible to handle. I didn't understand. I used just 10 L more of fuel and did a formation lap before. I used a gt3 car (the Porsche 911) at Donnington... Anyone ever experienced that?

27-11-2017, 07:55
Are you sure that you were using the same set-up? Did you re-load it before the race?

Roger Prynne
27-11-2017, 11:05
Are you absolutely sure it was the same setup for both as there is a setup bug where it does not carry through to the next session.

27-11-2017, 12:54
make sure you also adjust your tire pressures since practice/quali start COLD and the race starts HOT.

HOT pressures should be around 1.8bar for most tracks. 1.9ish for Le Mans/Monza type tracks.

27-11-2017, 15:42
Thank you very much for all your answers. I'm not so sure I reloaded my setup since quali... I will try again and do as you said (also for tyre pressure).

28-11-2017, 01:15
So I tried again and did what you said but it didn't change. It was like if the race was on the wet... Besides I tested the same car with the same setup and the same time and weather conditions in a time trial and the behavior was normal. I really don't understand. Anyway, thanks for the help!

28-11-2017, 04:03
Have seen similar issues. How many cars on track? I’ve found that with >15 cars in the event, in practice more cars are in pits at any given moment and things work fine. As soon as everyone is on track it goes to crap though. Until a patch optimizes performance on the xbox one or I can get my hands on a oneX I’m just running custom weekends with no more than 10 cars on track and I have no problems.

Chicken Patty
28-11-2017, 05:04
What about tire compound? Are you selecting it manually and confirming the change, or is it set on automatic? Maybe it's choosing different compounds if you have it on automatic, just food for thought.

28-11-2017, 12:48
Indeed it happened in the career mode with almost 23 cars... I will try a custom race to see.

I selected manually the tyre compound to soft each time so it can't be that :/

Roger Prynne
28-11-2017, 12:49
Why not wait for the patch?

28-11-2017, 13:24
As z3r0cool77 said, I tried a custom race with 10 opponents and no issues with the behavior of the car, then I tried the exact same custom race with 24 opponents and the car was acting very weird... So the number of AI must be the issue.

Yes I'm gonna wait for the patch, hopping it's gonna improve that ;)

28-11-2017, 18:44
Its definitely a known problem. Many have reported the issue with handling from practice sessions or qualifying to the main event. It seems confirmed that it's an issue with too many AI - as is the tire heating and smoking bug.

Chicken Patty
28-11-2017, 19:00
Have you tried it after the patch? Just did a race with the patch and car seemed to handle just fine in a race full 31 opponents.

28-11-2017, 19:01
Have you tried it after the patch? Just did a race with the patch and car seemed to handle just fine in a race full 31 opponents.

Its a standard xbox problem. Not a pc problem. Consoles have not recieved a patch yet.

Chicken Patty
28-11-2017, 19:16
Ah, okay. I think he should definitely try it after the patch. I do remember them saying the standard Xbox will have limitations, but it should still be drastically improved.

30-11-2017, 17:37
Can confirm this is an issue on Xbox. Too many AI on track causes the car to drive very strange, hopefully the patch will fix it because it's impossible to do a career race.

08-12-2017, 00:27
The new patch doesn't seem to have fixed this issue on xbox1 standard unfortunately. Can you confirm that? Thank you.

08-12-2017, 01:34
Because it seems to be a processing limitation of the original xbox I imagine it will take quite a lot of optimization / coding magic to make it go away. If it can be done then I’m sure they’ll get there. If its within means to get one the one x makes an enormous difference. Having a blast with it.

08-12-2017, 02:52
Thank you for your answer z3r0cool77. I'm indeed planning to get a one X...

08-12-2017, 04:49
Doubt youll be dissapointed. If you have a hdr compatible tv be advised you may need to disable hdr on the xbox when playing pcars2. Its not bad when driving but on at least some tvs (mine included) the menus are heavily washed out and you will have trouble seeing some of the menu selection highlights. Its just as pretty with it off though so it doesnt concern me much.