View Full Version : Custom race setup problem

27-11-2017, 15:18
Hi all , just bought the game and wow its good, but i have a problem . I set up a custom go kart race which worked fine , but now when i choose custom race there is only karts available in the vechile selection , no matter which filter tab etc i choose no other cars appear, please help

27-11-2017, 16:25
Not at my PC but ihave you clicked the ALL button in the top left of that Car Select screen

27-11-2017, 16:29
You can't race with normal cars on kart tracks. Only private testing is possible.
If you want to race different cars choose a non-karting track.

27-11-2017, 17:46
Ah of course lol, thanks for making me feel stupid mate , no cheers for reply ( but i do feel stupid lol)