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27-11-2017, 19:23
Hi All,

Trying to attach a Jpeg with my setup but just joined today and seems I can't attach files yet.

Not sure if I have to post a few times first or what. I'll put it up as soon as it lets me.


27-11-2017, 19:36
Hi All,

Trying to attach a Jpeg with my setup but just joined today and seems I can't attach files yet.

Not sure if I have to post a few times first or what. I'll put it up as soon as it lets me.

Why don't you tell use what you changed and how much?

27-11-2017, 20:30
I think if you post 4 more times you can attach things

27-11-2017, 21:33
Ah ok. I presume replies will count so here goes.

27-11-2017, 21:33
And again

27-11-2017, 21:34
And again second time

27-11-2017, 21:35
Now maybe? No. One more

27-11-2017, 21:36
Hmm, like replies don't count. I'll post elsewhere and come back

27-11-2017, 21:51

Made this over a couple weeks of testing and tweaking on a lot of the tracks. Pretty solid everywhere and fast.
Drives great without TC or ABS. If you want more pep from your right foot, decrease the power angle on the clutched diff. Less, increase the angle.

Brands GP - 1:23:8, Bannochbrae - 2:12:2, Monza - 1:47:7, Oulton Fosters - 0:55:6, Road America - 2:08:2.

Hope you like it. Enjoy.

PS. Increasing or decreasing all the bump and rebound transition speeds together will alter how tight the car feels. Higher values = tighter, lower = looser.
I found I lost grip above where its at but play with it and see how it works for you.

Another good tip. If you make a small and quite aggressive blip with the throttle when gearing down, you can gear down at higher revs.
The rev protection electronics are looking at the difference between where your revs currently are and where they're about to be if you drop that cog.
By blipping you are bringing the revs into the "acceptable difference" zone of the electronics and it will let you shift. Takes some playing about to get it right
but its well worth the effort when you do.

27-11-2017, 23:04
Damn thing keeps getting squished and is hard to read. Any suggestions, am I doing something wrong?
Let me know if you can't read it and I'll sort it somehow.

27-11-2017, 23:12

I can't really try that right now, I guess it could be fun but I wonder how it could work. Anyway I link you to the gears grinding before the downshift protection, it looks way more stable and quicker when you could actually grind like that.

I don't pronounce myself on your setup. From not testing - and my experience - only this low rear downforce would make the car very unstable through corners. Can you try a same track with like 7 on the rear and tell me the difference you feel when finding the grip through the corner ? You should be able to give way more throttle and not lose that much speed into the straight lines.
I would loose the front sway bar a bit.

28-11-2017, 03:49
db thanks for sharing your setup, but since you're on PC, why don't you do a time trial lap with this setup, so us also PCers we can downloaded it directly by selecting you as ghost? A lot easier than copying/sort of pasting from the screenshot..

28-11-2017, 14:03
cpcdem, its my pleasure to share.

My main focus was really to help those who don't know much about setups but want to drive their Ferrari like they stole it.
I thought it would be more useful posted here with notes and tips on balance. Means its also available to people on consoles
as all they have to do is copy values, which doesn't actually take that long to do. Maybe I should post it in their forum as well.

I'm not a fan of time trials to be honest but will try to do some in the near future. Cheers .db.

28-11-2017, 14:19
I think that Edit tuning setup does not work properly. When I adjust something and save over existing file it just keeps the previous settings. Generally I think that the whole thing is very confusing. I want to save one car with different setting for each track and also for qual. and for the race. So it means 4 different saved setting for each car for each track. For example: 488 GT3 for Red Bull track:
1. Slicks, 8l fuel qual
2. Wets, 8l fuel qual
3. Slicks 30l fuel race
4. Wets 30l fuel race

And for each car and track the same. I am unable to save all that as presets.
Also, as I said, I think the save does not work. Sometimes when I change something, nothing is saved and it is as if I saved nothing.
Please someone from PC2 check this issue.
I like the game but it is no fun because of this issue and way too complicated save methods to start a 5 laps race with 90l of fuel.
PC1 was way simpler in these things.

Roger Prynne
28-11-2017, 14:26
^ Is this with the new Patch 3?

28-11-2017, 15:59
Unfortunately it doesn't work well with the new patch. Its all of a sudden understeery as hell and got no grip.

Reading the changelog notes I see they changed some tyre physics and "balanced out" the GT3 class.

I'm having to make radical changes to my set to get it to work again but I'm getting there. I'll post the new set when done.

@ devs - please promise you won't be changing the physics on a regular basis?
Its a real pain when our setups no longer work and we have to start over again.
Even worse if we can't get back down to the laptimes we used to do.

29-11-2017, 22:56
Yeah but it's called balancing for a reason.

I've did a lot of tweakings but no, the Ferrari is just a recipe for understeer. It's still very fast but you then find cars like the Huracan way more enjoyable again.