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28-11-2017, 19:52
Hello All,

I have been getting really into figuring out what times actual cars are setting to help me tune both the AI and myself to more realistic lap times. This has been especially useful for longer races, and has led to me not beating myself up when I wasn't able to compete with 100% AI. I just wanted to post some links to some of the timing data sources I have found and solicit anyone else who knows some to post them as well. I primarily watch and race sports car / endurance series so I mainly have links for those.

24H series (pick the race and then head to results section)


British GT, BTCC, F1 Testing, Blancpain GT Series Asia, Pirelli World Challenge

ADAC GT Masters

Blancpain GT

It should be noted that the cars are not always in the same spec as they are implemented in Pcars 2, as well as the conditions that are being run in but it can help give you a ballpark of what is realistic!


28-11-2017, 20:23
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Wayne Kerr
29-11-2017, 02:12
just a note alkamel does a few series, including imsa.

irl as you might guess is


mind you for the guys who want to compare LMP2 times, the last season that they ran the JSP2 is 2016. From 17 on the p2 cars are the new gen.