View Full Version : I'm charmed by the new patch 1.3.0

28-11-2017, 23:12
After a couple of hours testing the patch, I can say I'm charmed by this new patch making Pcars 2 even better.

What I really like or observed

- Wheel animation on any open wheel cars have been addressed (thank you)
- Camaro Z28 no more crash when hit a wall heavily
- Sounds are much better in replays, I hear the AI cars now
- Handling of the cars are much better, my favorite cars as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ford GT, Mustang, Camaro 2017 are now very stable and a real pleasure to drive
- New replay's option are very cool, I love that

What I'm less impressed

- Sound in tunnel still suffering, far from the quality of Pcars 1 (I wish to have the same as Pcars 1)
- Sound of any cars in the Lotus pack is extremely loud and should be reduce at the same level of other cars. Even by lowering player engine level volume, the replay's sound is very loud
- I was really hopping the Monza historic chicanes remove but not this time
- Still no more dazzle effect out of tunnel like in Pcars 1
- I don't really see any graphical change as mentioned for the demo, everything seems the same

That's it for now. I didn't experiment rain yet but I'm really happy with this new patch and if you can addressed what is in the second list, I would be even more happy. Thanks a lot SMS for this nice christmas gift. I'll pass a very pleasant winter driving everyday on this fantastic racing simulator.


28-11-2017, 23:51
given it a quick go for 1hr but here are my thoughts so far...

What I like.
-I can now have a race with the AI in career mode in RX Lites (although I have AI difficulty set to MAX and can still win!)
-I can now see the rear view mirror when i head to track rather than having to enable it in the HUD menu each time...AND it is still there when I cycle through the HUD menu whilst on track

What I dislike - After a test race in the Mercedes AMG Touring car at Silverstone National
- Cars still piling up into the first corner - this seems to happen from 20th on back in a 30 car grid. I have increased aggression from 50-60 to see if that helps.
- AI still too slow in the rain! Ran a 15 lap race at silverstone national in the same car as above. Started 32nd and won by 2 secs
Repeated the race in dry conditions, finished 19th some 18 seconds behind the leader. The difference seems to be that I am 1 sec per lap faster that the AI in the wet and 1 sec per lap slower in the dry. (2 sec difference overall)

I shall test some more tomorrow

Eric Rowland
29-11-2017, 00:13
I don't believe I've ever heard a patch described as "charming".

30-11-2017, 00:17
After checking about all open wheels cars to verify the wheel animation, they are all okay except two.

- Lotus 49C and Lotus 51, the side tires markings are rotating nicely with acceleration but the tire surface is not rotating correctly at the same speed.

Must be addressed.


01-12-2017, 23:14
I love the new handling.
I hate the new penalty system.
Overall the driving pleasure is so high now that I take those unfair penalties with a smile haha.

Pete Gaimari
01-12-2017, 23:22
There's no chicanes in historic 66 Monza.

02-12-2017, 00:22

Would you clarify your mention ? You are talking about the real 66 track, correct ? I agree with you, the real Monza banked 1966 track doesn't have any chicanes and I wish SMS add a new layout of this track without the chicanes.


Ian Bell
02-12-2017, 00:25
There was a chicane in two versions. We modelled one.


Check it out.

Pete Gaimari
02-12-2017, 00:30
I was talking about the Monza track as used in 1966. They didn't use the banking and there was no chicane. I've tried so many sims lately that I forgot what is in PC2. I'm doing a reinstall right now, so I can't check it. I could swear PC2 had the track as it is in GPL and real life in the mid 60's.

I should also say chicanes were added before the banking in 66, but that wasn't for the F1 races. F1 stopped using the banking in 61. So, i guess it depends on what car you're driving. I think of everything in terms of 60's F1.

02-12-2017, 01:10
Hi Ian

Thank you for replying. We discussed about that last september, I'm sure you remember this ... http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?53428-Monza-historic-oval&highlight=Monza

I understand about the need of the chicanes but this track also existed without any chicanes. I understand the Lotus 49 is not the most popular car in Pcars but there is some fans like me. We would really appreciate you add a 4th layout choice in Monza Historic track without the chicanes. Pete and I and probably some more are coming from the nostalgia era of Grand Prix Legends from Sierra 1999 reproducing exclusively the era of the 60's F1 on historic tracks. We are really missing Monza banked track without the chicane and we were eager to get Pcars 2 for this track. That explain my frustration when I discovered the track with the chicanes. So please do us a great favor by adding a new layout without the chicanes. When checking my AFFINITY in Pcars 2, Monza Historic is the second track where I race the most after SPA historic.

GPL Monza Oval 1966

BTW, Pcars 2 Monza track is sooooooooooo beautiul compared to Asseto Corsa and GPL !