View Full Version : Night lighting can look really rough. Possibility to tweak values in patch?

29-11-2017, 05:41
First of all, amazing work on the patch! The game feels better than ever.

I find the night lighting is REALLY lacking compared to some of the other TODs which can look stunning. Night time can look a bit harsh, and overly lit up which makes it look really wierd when your driving on tracks with lots of trees.
However, I have found that lowering the exposure to .2 or .3 generally gives a much better look and vibe. The light is a good bit darker, and blends with trackside details better which gives a more realistic feeling of night driving. However, the side effect is that naturally all of the light values go waaay down globally as well as bloom intensity.

Would it be possible to do a pass on the headlight and street light values and tame them? If not, would you guys consider opening the game up for modding so these values can be adjusted by users?