View Full Version : Dedicated Server Maximum Session Length 2hrs?

29-11-2017, 12:14
Hi folks,

Just playing around with the updated DS - seems like most of the issues have been resolved!

However, I'm trying to set up some long-duration qualifying sessions for people to drop into / out of for league qualification and for some reason the maximum length of the qualifying session keeps defaulting to 2:20 instead of 12 hours or whatever higher value I input.

Does anyone know if I'm being thick, or if this is a genuine bug in the multiplayer session build?

Here's hoping it's me that's the idiot....



29-11-2017, 22:37
Thanks for notification.
Unfortunately it's a known bug that didn't make it into patch3.

01-12-2017, 15:33

Thanks for the response, though of course not what I was hoping for!

Any idea on a timeframe to get the many bugs in Multiplayer sorted out? There's obviously been a lot of hype / press about the eSports side of PCars2, but so far it just seems to be really difficult to get a consistent set of lobbies running without random crashes / errors / bugs interfering with what people are trying to do.

Probably preaching to the converted on this I know as I'm sure you guys are working flat-out to sort stuff, but some idea on timeframe would be great so we know whether to keep going on the platform or not.... (sorry)


05-12-2017, 10:11
As all should know, YES, we are working hard, though patch3 is out.
Sorry, comments on timeframes and current work is not allowed.