View Full Version : Need excel UPD help

29-11-2017, 16:25
Hi all,

Some may or may not remember my strategy guide for the first game (link in sig) some may also remember my attempt at an app to manage youíre strategy for you. I made very small progress having to learn coding from scratch (swift ios).

i only managed to get something working because a very kind person supplied me with a very basic app that connected to the game. I then attempted to manipulate it with varying degrees of success.

So this bring me to my question is there anyone who could kindly extract basic UDP data into excel Iíd require fuel rate, total fuel, fuel tank size, current tyre wear, tyre pressures, tyre temps, lap times ( a timing screen look would be superb) and finally session data, total race laps or session time.

If all these updated at the end of every lap iím pretty sure i would create something that would manage your race as a team manager/engineer I think i could also make it suggest tyre temps based on track/ambient temps along with pit stops based on if youíll need fuel or new tyres first. I have many calculations in my head but not the talent to do the complicated bit. Me and coding have a chequered history although spreadsheets are my thing! (iím weird).

Any help would be gratefully received.