View Full Version : [RESOLVED] Wrong tyres fitted when pitting

29-11-2017, 19:07
Pit strategy not working for me after patch 3.
Deleted old pre-patch 3 setups as instructed before continuing my career - racing at Red Bull Ring in Marek LMP2 car. Created a new pit strategy to change to wet tyres as I know it's going to rain 4 laps in. Rain starts, so I pit - get nice new softs instead of the pre-selected wets.
Tried several new strategies, all result in giving me the same tyre compound as at race start. Fuel and repair settings seem to work.
I find it much to difficult to concentrate on driving and using the menu structure to alter the pit menu at the same time. I really wish the old pause and then set pit details was still available (as in Pcars1).

29-11-2017, 19:53
Make sure you don't have "recommended" in the tire selection in the pit strategy, but have "all" selected instead, and have "wet" selected for the tire compound. I found this out the hard way last night after they sent me back out on the track in the middle of a thunderstorm with hard slicks. Once I restarted and edited the pit strategy and renamed it (for my reference to "WET") all was good.

29-11-2017, 21:05
Thanks very much - that sorted it!

30-11-2017, 02:08
Similar issue myself with LMP2 car at Abu Dhabi in career. Race is preset for rain 6 laps in, setup a pit strategy for wets, no fuel, no damage repair. I get the animation screen, car is jacked up and tires are never changed. Had this happen 3 times in a row so far.

Edit: checked the recommended status, changed it to all, all fixed.