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30-11-2017, 10:05
Hi everyone,
i'm italian: please, be patient with my english...

I have a camera problem: i was racing in my first career race with a formula junior using cockpit camera. in the free session someone have hit me on the back, pushing me out of the track. something occured and my camera moved behind the headrest of the car making impossible to drive. i try to adjust the position of the seat, but i can't solve the problem.
now, in every game mode i have cockpit camera behind the car, but just with formula junior.
any suggestion???

thank you for all


30-11-2017, 10:07
Maybe the hit from behind knocked your camera down. Now leaving the jokes aside.. :D
Can you upload a photo?

30-11-2017, 12:05
X2 for seeing a photo.

I use Imgur tho host mine, then insert the image url between image tags.
This type of issue is a great reason to make periodic game backups and save them to a thumb drive.

My rotation:

Prior to game startup, copy the current game save to my common thumb drive.
Copy to an additional thumb drive for archive. I use 3 of these & rotate them.
Play the game.
If I experience an issue like yours, I can Close the Game & restore from the common thumb drive or one of the archives

Traduzione italiana:
X2 per vedere una foto.

Uso Imgur tho host my, quindi inserisco l'URL dell'immagine tra i tag immagine.
Questo tipo di problema un ottimo motivo per effettuare backup periodici del gioco e salvarli su una pen drive.

La mia rotazione:
Prima dell'avvio del gioco, copia il salvataggio corrente sulla mia pen drive.
Copia su una pen drive aggiuntiva per l'archiviazione. Io uso 3 di questi e li faccio ruotare.
Giocare il gioco.
Se riscontro un problema come il tuo, posso chiudere il gioco e ripristinarlo dalla comune pen drive o da uno degli archivi

30-11-2017, 12:28
thank you guys.
as soon as possible i will post screenshots.