View Full Version : Cheating? Bug? Crrreeepy mystery?

30-11-2017, 11:25
Hi all,
this morning i entered a lobby. and i saw that:


Some real ( or supposed to be ) people called pcars2_1... pcars2_8.... pcars2_5

I decided to race and see what happens.

The race was full of ai drivers too, but also those mystery players.


I easily win, and i gained a LOT of points. like 11. ( i'm 1600 ) and lot of safety too.

The race itself was scary, fog turning into sun then into fog in 1 second. and phantom shadows cars too.


SO, what it was?! a nightmare? a guy who found a way to cheat creating slow clones to gain easily ranking?
There was s real name player in lobby, but it finished LAST.

30-11-2017, 12:24
I guess it was a test lobby from SMS. I remember seeing accounts like "pcars2_8" at WMD 2 :confused:

30-11-2017, 13:34
So mystery solved? No Rothschild involved?

30-11-2017, 15:00
it's a good way to have some points ..