View Full Version : There is a very big problem in the physics with aspirated gt cars

01-12-2017, 23:47
So,after hours and over 2 months of testing, talking with friends we came to the conclusion that I had to delete the game (kidding) ,because all the GT3 seemed fake
We used different circuits, most of the GT3 and,having in our hands the real setups and the data of the real cars (not all),we always had the problem in the maximum speed

How is it possible if SMS uses real gear ratios and even the right rpm limit? Others datas are fake?
Not,simply the gt3 with aspirated engine are snails on the straight,SNAILS.
I've see 20 km/h differences with somes turbo gt3 and with real life

Try to test somes turbo and after aspirated in tracks like Monza,Bathurst,Barcellona..here max speed is around 275/280
You should touch the 280 at bathurst, with the turbo is possible (cars like Bentley Nissan F488 are ok) but cars like Audi,650S and Huracan here are snails

Turbo are correct (or very close) but the aspirated engines are ridiculous starting from 250 km / h and more
Now,what I ask myself is, how is it possible that the development team did not notice the problem? and also the WDM boys..

I know that 99% of peoples don't care if cars look like reality,ma this is a huge error in physics development

Do not start saying 'but it's just because they're aspirated that they're slow' or 'the track is not laser-scanned' because these are the facts

And for exemple the real audi 2016 is fast everywhere,even at Ardennes at Spa,without turbo,with 471 Hp,and in game to make the 260 you have to get off and push the car from back

I do not know if it's too late to recover,but it's frustrating,because the potential is there for a good sim,but at the moment..we can drive only turbo cars,before others (650S,Audi,Huracan ecc) they are bugged
good luck for the future SMS

01-12-2017, 23:50
Think this has been raised before, with a question over the impact of altitude on NA engines.....

02-12-2017, 00:12
The 650s had a turbo, no, two of them ;)

02-12-2017, 00:14