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02-12-2017, 03:53
Thanks!!... to Ian, Team, (& all you Clean Drivers), for the history making games you have delivered with PC 1&2!
Toca Touring Cars 2
Colin Macrae Series
Gran Turismo (lost interest at 4)
Grid Series
Dirt Series
Assetto Corsa
You get the picture!..& can prob guess my age! Regardless, what you have here is a genuine masterpiece and the epitome of The Evolution of Racing games. I hope you continue to set the bar for many years to come as frankly the longevity and success is deserved. Aside from a few bugs (more than a few tbh) which I can see are being worked on with Thanks..I hope the elements some of us are looking forward to will work out & mature as it can only further enhance the game which is unreal when you think about it.... The way I look at is rather than waiting for 2 years more to get this kind of game but perfect and maybe even with need for better hardware, I donít mind paying this money to be a part of something I enjoy so much and come back to every time, being involved in that evolution is some of what makes up part of that enjoyment in some kind twisted way!!.... So Many Thanks for that & ignore the haters, what you are doing is special.... after all.... ĎIt is only a game Son, the only thing that matters is How You Play It!í

02-12-2017, 05:50
Agreed, great post. Happy racing!

02-12-2017, 19:40
+1, great post.

But I disagree with one point... Don't ignore the haters... They usually have a good point as well ;)