View Full Version : We all got disqualified!

02-12-2017, 22:35
I was in this sesion where we did Practice, qualifying and a short race.
This was the actual race start, and the first rolling start i have ever done, where no one messed up!
But then when we crossed the line to start racing, we all got disqualified.
Notice how the positions on top of each car, shortly change?


02-12-2017, 23:09
It looks like everyone was going too fast and crossed the start line before the green light. See the disqualifying statement at 0:07

03-12-2017, 08:10
So i guess this is a bug?
Throughout the whole lap, i was just told to keep my position (p4). Nothing about speed.

On the finishline(exactly on the line!) i get the 120 speed limit, that displays for less than 1sec and then i get disqualified. At that point i am P1, and all the drivers in front of me have dropped positions. Less than a sec. after this we all end up in the pits and are disqualified. I'd gladly have kept the speed if i was told to, but i did as i was told and stayd in P4 untill we crossed the line.

Maybe the game thinks that i passed someone before the line, because the ones in front got disqualified??


03-12-2017, 17:44
If I remember correctly, the starting lights should show up and go from red to green. If you cross the start line before the green light, you're disqualified. Your short clip does show the lights so I'm not sure if they didn't show or you didn't wait long enough.

I've read some post that suggest there may be an occasional issue with the starting lights, but that seems to be associated with standing starts.

31-12-2017, 11:08
Theres one more thing with DQ that can use a fix. Its not a massive problem so I didnt want to start new topic. I raced multiplayer race and finished 3rd or 4th or something but I finished it in time. Then started cooldown lap and I slowed down and the fellow who finished after me rammed my butt so bad I couldnt move anymore and got DQ for not making progress.