View Full Version : 720s vs 520s tyre squeal

03-12-2017, 14:32
I finally understood why I feel much more confortable with 720s than with 520s (no assists).
In fact 720s gives me much more sound feedback: (it's not only a more effective ffb than her little sister, but also) much more tyre squealing when I' m start to lose grip (heavy bracking, understeering, power oversteering...).
This has a big inpact on my lap times, beeing much better with 720s than with 520s.
I kindly ask developers to check the amount of tyre squealing in 520s ..... no please don' t reduce the 720s amount :-D
Best regards and many thanks !

03-12-2017, 14:44
Have you checked the audio adjustments? Tyre squeal is adjustable.

I have mine higher than many other sounds to give me the audio cues you describe.

03-12-2017, 14:48
I use a headset and have most sliders at about 30, tyres at 45 and general car sounds like gear whine the only one at 100.

03-12-2017, 14:58
thank you,
but I mean the difference between 720s vs 520s is noticeable with every setting of the slider: tyre squeal of 520s is always much lower tha 720s, so it seems very strange to me.