View Full Version : car not using all it's horsepower

03-12-2017, 15:29
I have a problem with both cars I've tried so far, the Indycar and the Formula X - I can't use all the car's available horsepower. For example, in the Formula X I can only use 730 HP and can't get over 230 MPH, so my best time at Indy Oval is over 40 seconds and I slow to about 215 through the corners. Has anyone else had this problem? Downforce is minimum, RPMs are just below the redline, full boost, etc etc.

03-12-2017, 18:45
Have you tried going to TT mode and download the first guy's setup ?

Mad Al
03-12-2017, 18:46
Try pressing the KERS button...

You did assign a KERS button?