View Full Version : LiveTrack 3.0 is a Real Blast!

03-12-2017, 19:24
Had a community race today , P2P as we wanted to work around the weather bug on dedicated servers.

In Q I cut a chicane and threw some gravel onto the track. The gravel stayed there until the end of the session except on the driving line where it disappeared after a few laps. Between Q and R there must have been a track marshal with a broom then.

The race was set to three weather slots: light cloud, ramdom, random. We started at 1600, driving into the sunset, while the moon was rising on the other side of the track. Almost romantic if there wasnīt the driving to be done. Then random weather kicked in. Road surface turned wet and while I pitted for rain tyres it began to snow. I could hardly see the road anymore as it was dark and all my window glasses were covered with light snow, apart from that narrow area that was wiped in my LMP2. No chance to see any puddles, had to be very careful. Finally with weather slot three it turned foggy, still in the dark. The water was constantly disappearing but the track stayed wet. In the dark with another car right in front of me I could hardly see anything due to the spray.

Might have been a boring read for you, itīs just that I had so much fun I had to share it with somebody. This was a real showcase for the weather system as well as for LiveTrack 3.0.

Just saying. :):):)