View Full Version : How to make or save video , with HUD information displayed?

04-12-2017, 19:19
Is there a way , within PS4, to save and/or play back a video to share on like youtube? Ideally, with the HUD information displaying, like the telemetry screen...

Short of doing it for YouTube, is there a way to playback a video on the PS4, so that you can review telemetry?

IF so, how?

05-12-2017, 16:18
Share button?

05-12-2017, 16:26
Far as I know best and only way is to set your share button capture time to say 60 mins ....then start your replay and mess with it all you need to ....after you finished , import it to share factory and edit ....

07-12-2017, 18:47
Thanks for the help... I did download Sharefactory and now see how you go about saving clips in general on the PS4.

I had hoped there was a way to play back stuff within PC2 , choosing the hud display at will when playing them back, but it seems that isn't a option... The saving clips and sharing via PS4 features will work though...

Thanks again.