View Full Version : Rear camber on Ford GT40 GTE

05-12-2017, 17:11
I just was driving at Le Mans 24h circuit and it seems I have some issues there on my camber....;-). At the moment my camber on front is -3.7/rear -3.2 deg.

No matter what kind of camber I choose on the rear, outer tire temperature is alway higher than inner which would mean I have to increase the camber for increasing inner tire temperature. Even when i put maximum negative camber on the rear, outer temperature is still equal or higher than the inner temperature. It seems that the pressure is ok due to fact that this temperature is equal to the inner.

that's why your support is kindly appreciated to solve this issue. I'm familiar in general with alignment but at Le Mans with the Ford GT alignment I have a miracle to solve .-)

Thanks a lot.