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05-12-2017, 16:12
Can somebody tell me the real steering ratios of all kind of race cars ? What are the ratios of Formula, GT, LMP cars in reality?

Thanks you very much.

06-12-2017, 03:18
i think they can be adjusted in reality too so there are no "steering ratios of all kind of race cars" i think. are you interested to know what to set them at?

06-12-2017, 08:16
yes I'm searching for reference values of race car ratios, Formula, LMP, GTE, GT and so on and couldn't find anything in the net until now. I don't think a GT has a ratio of 25:1.... but I don't know the real area of ratio too....

Krus Control
11-12-2017, 14:47
Try between 6:1 and 11:1. Go as low as you can without getting understeer on turn in or the wheel weight might become muddy depending on your wheel. Race cars tend to have lower steering ratios but it's up to the driver and they can run pretty much anywhere. I've had great success in this range across all classes.

11-12-2017, 18:39
thaks a lot for your information and I will give it a try. Until now I always used a ration of around 15:1.

11-12-2017, 18:47
i don't think there is any regulation for steering ratio as its preference might vary from driver to driver. Also, suspension geometry and track layout will have play a role in steering rack speed (ratio).

11-12-2017, 19:13
Try 16-18 for steering ratios for GT Cars.

13-12-2017, 19:01
Try 16-18 for steering ratios for GT Cars.

That might be a bit high for a steering ratio on a race car. I think racing GT's are in the 8 to 12 range. My road car is 12.5:1 and thats pretty low for a road car as they tend to be 12 to 18. My race kart is 4.5:1 or 5:1.

Where I get confused it when you change the rotation to something more realistic on a race car like 540 steering lock and how that relates to the steering ratio. I know the formula:

(steering wheel rotation/2)/steering ratio = steering lock

I just leave it at 900 and go 1:1 which probably why I like such a low ratio because I can never make it feel right if I change it. Do any of you guys run with realistic steering locks? I realize that using 900 and it being 1:1 should be realistic to the car as the game should correct it for us I think and also if there is no change when you do use a lower lock could you let me know that too.

13-12-2017, 19:11
i leave me wheel setting at 900 DOR and adjust the steering ratio in the in-car setup.

13-12-2017, 19:13
i leave me wheel setting at 900 DOR and adjust the steering ratio in the in-car setup.

That's what I'm doing also. I guess it should be the realistic steering lock value if you do this? I assume this is all taken care of by the game when your set at 900.

13-12-2017, 19:20
that's my understanding

13-12-2017, 19:21
i use 900 DOR, and between 11.5:1-14:1 steering ratio for all cars personally

14-12-2017, 09:27
This is my "milestone"

Steering Wheel panel

Setup in game

from 10:0 to 12:0

GT1 class
from 12:0 to 13:0

GT3 class
from 14:1 to 16:1

Touring car / RallyX / WRC / Gr.A / Hypercar
from 15:0 to 17:0

Old Touring / Sport car / Supercar
from 17:0 to 18:5

from 18:0 to 22:0

16-12-2017, 09:59
I also have something in mind back from GTR2 times, there some people gave the following advice:

Set up the steering ratio in a way, that you can drive the tightest turn of the course just without having to change hands on the wheel. E. g. between 90-120 turn angle of the wheel from center. The idea behind this was that you have the most control possible on the entire track layout, without having to change your grip on the wheel on the tightest turn.

However, I left it at default values for Project Cars 2 always. The only downside of this setup I can imagine is that for every track, when you use different steering ratios, you might have to get used to the different ratios. But that's just a guess...

17-12-2017, 00:19
Yeah default is good enough, but you're right, sometimes it is better to lower it a bit so you can get the hairpins right (thinking about Long Beach).

It is also quite hard to know every steering rack of every car. For example, the Super Trofeo Lamborghini's do not have 'quick racks' as GT3 do.