View Full Version : Positively thrilled and excited for what's to come

06-12-2017, 23:02
Alright, story time first!

So, as someone who played the Deluxe Edition since Day 1, I can already say that pC2 will very likely grip me like no other racing title has before. I've sunk over 600hrs into Assetto Corsa, and I still do the occasional race and trackday there from time to time. But, being someone who likes the challenge of endurance and multi-class racing, pC2 covers all of my current virtual racing needs and probably will continue to do so, as I see no other title offering me the same kind of content without having to spend a fortune on it. I do play GT Sport too, and I enjoy it a lot, but since my TMX wheel is not compatible with my PS4 that kinda hinders me from enjoying it as much.
Now, let's not be pretentious and agree that pC2 still has some annoying issues that need sorting, preferably all of them at once in patch 4.0, but I honestly think that, when looked at the package on offer, it is only reasonable to tolerate most of them. Especially since, at least personally, I am a singleplayer driver. Currently, pC2 sits at 180hrs played, and a lot of that includes the first weeks after launch (where i.e. my pit engineer would bug out and not inform me of anything, which was hugely annoying, as well as some other things). I think it speaks for the game that I was still able to enjoy it for the most part.

And now let me come to the main part.
After patch 3.0 I think the game has improved dramatically, and after some direct comparisons with AC I don't even notice that much of a difference in the physics anymore. And I think some of it has to do with FFB tweaks. I used to apply JS's custom files, but I have just recently switched back to the default "Immersive" flavour with only volume lowered to 35, and, just, wow... I feel in control, every little bump and suspension and weight change is transmitted to my hands, and racing in pC2 to me feels better than it ever has.

Which convinced me to push the AI skill from 100 up to 110, with 25 Aggro (Yeah, I'm still not all too happy with some AI behavior in corners on higher aggro, but that's what we have a slider for, right?). GT3 Carreer race on Brno then, full 1 hour in the V10 monster that is the R8 LMS. I don't have much experience on that track, but after some 20 minutes of training and 5 laps of qualy I was able to set a time just faster than the rest and qualify 1st.
Rolling start, the Porsche next to me immediately pulls ahead but I manage to retake P1 by aggressively pushing my car into T1. Trying to find the right balance for the next 20minutes, I keep my position but never manage to really pull ahead.

And then it happened. I slow down too late in T3, I occupy the inside, a Renault RS01 takes the outside. And hits my front as he turns in faster than I could. Aero damage, spind and land in the sand, and now I'm back in P5, barely able to stop an AMG from taking that too.
You know guys, not gonna lie, I usually would've restarted the session. I felt kind of sh*t on by what the Renault did, but then I told myself "sod it, you can still fight."
And so I did. Another 20minutes of heavy pushing I'm back in P3 and catching up on the leaders, the Renault and Porsche in front battling fiercely for pole. It is at this point I am noticing my tyres are around 70% worn, and I'm more drifting around the tight corners of Brno than anything else. But I never felt like I had no way of catching the car anymore, as sadly was often the case in pC1. Again, now that I've found a good FFB setting for me, the R8 always felt controllable to me.
Ultimately, I manage to snatch back P1 within the final 5 minutes of the race, though the 1sec penalty I got given by leaving the white lines at one point left me in P2. And you know what? I did not care in the slightest. I felt exhausted but satisfied, sweaty palms (luckily I wear gloves) and back being somewhat telling of that.

So, really, what I am trying to convey here publicly is that I am super impressed with the core components of pC2. It might take a while to figure things out, but once you do, hell, this IS racing. To all of SMS, fantastic job and keep going! I certainly will! :)